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GONE FISHIN' : Our entire shipping department (aka Melissa) is off on a much needed and well deserved vacation. Any orders placed after August 17 will not ship in the usual time frame. We will resume shipping orders starting August 30th! Thanks for understanding, and sorry for any inconvenience. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions in the meantime!

The Vault

thevault.png...it came from THE VAULT! For every Android collectible we hold a few back in the warehouse for the inevitable lost package or damage replacement. It's been long enough for these former designs, and we need to clear out some space for incoming Series 04 and MEGA Androids!

Most of these designs are long since otherwise sold out and only available in the secondary market, but now is your chance to pick some up for at original cost, or close to it (note some older/rarer items are a bit more expensive).

Some items may go out of stock quickly, if we can't fill any part of your order we will contact you via e-mail. Maximum qty per customer vary by item.

Additionally we have quite a few battle damaged boxes! The figures in these boxes are fine, but often the boxes are crumpled, scratched, bent or otherwise exploded. We're selling these at a deep discount for those of you who take joy in the figures and don't care either way what sort of shape the package is in! No refunds or returns on damaged box items.

Update: Our little on the DL sale got some big coverage! Here's what's left:
Reserve stock GoGo China
Damaged box Rainbow Set
Damaged box Lucky Cat Set

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The Meat Cart

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