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Android Mini Series 02

  • Random 3" blind box vinyl figure
  • 11 regular designs plus 1 rare secret design & 2 rare variants
  • Sold individually or
    order 16 for a case!

Cases of 16 include at least 12 different designs (one rare)!

Sold out here, but possibly still available at some of these shops!

Product is an adult collectible and not intended for children under the age of 15! Figure designed in New York by Andrew Bell, made in China, produced by Dyzplastic.


  • Greeneon version and S02 Box
  • Friends with Insert
  • Hexcode
  • Case of 16
  • Cupcake
  • Driver
  • Bluebot
  • Bernard
  • GD-927
  • Blackbeard
  • Iceberg
  • Image 12
  • Noogler

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