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ANDROID MINI SPECIAL - 2013 Ornamental

We found a few 2013 Blue Ornamental Androids in the warehouse!

  • Metallic Finish
  • Includes topper and S hook
  • Glitter! 
  • Did we mention Glitter? 

Delivery Info: If you're in the USA and want it before Xmas so it can be on or under your tree select Priority Mail Shipping shipping option to ensure delivery. Sorry, we're a bit too late for international orders to arrive in time! 

Order Limits: One Blue ornamental Androids per household! Since we only have a few of these left over from last year, limit one per household. You may purchase in addition to a green item though! 

Handling Note: These collectibles are a bit more fragile than our usual releases. You should avoid direct handling of the glittered areas, and use extra care if inserting / rotating the ornament topper, as it can easily be damaged. 


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