Back to Back Black Bundle


This super Back to Back Black bundle includes all of the special signed limited edition black releases with matching numbers! Plus it's your only chance to get a Glop online and not from an event!

Includes matching signed and numbered editions of the following items:

  • Glop in a Box
    Blackbox Edition of 30
  • Dealmaker
    Black & Gold Edition of 50
  • Can of Worms
    Nightcrawler Edition of 90
  • Last Knight
    Blackest Night Edition of 200
  • O-No Sashimi
    Blackened Edition of 90
  • O-No Sushi
    Squid Ink Edition of 90

Limit 1 bundle per household. Bundles count towards individual item limits. 

EXTREMELY LIMITED. Advance apologies if this sells out before you complete checkout. Any oversold items will be refunded.
See Limited Edition Release FAQ for tips and info about limited releases.

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