Vault Sale 2020

thevault.png For every Android collectible we hold a few back in the warehouse for the inevitable lost package or damage replacement. Every now and then we open THE VAULT and clear out some of this old stock! 

Most of these designs are long since otherwise sold out and only available in the secondary market, but now is your chance to pick some up at original or close to original costs, some older/rarer items are a bit more expensive, others are even discounted!

We also have some damaged box specials! The figures in these boxes are fine, but often the boxes are crumpled, scratched, bent or otherwise ripped. The majority of them are actually not too bad off, but some might be more damaged than others. We're selling these at a 15% discount for those of you who take joy in the figures and don't care either way what sort of shape the package is in!

Because quantities of these items are limited, and we can't replace them once they're gone, there are no returns or exchanges on vault items.

Items may be limited per order, see each item description for details. Orders over these limits  may be fully cancelled. Items are not 'yours' until order is finalized and payment has processed, items can (and often do) sell out before you finish the checkout process. 

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