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Display Case - Square Black Single

Engineered with the collector in mind! Each base is designed to fit snugly with other bases, subtly tapered tops allow for easy stacking. Create a custom and flexible display for your Android collectibles, Dunnys, Be@rbricks or other mini figures! More information available here!

  • 3½” square by 4¼” tall.
  • 215/16” square by 3¾”internal.
  • Filters out 60% of UV light.
  • Foam pad base protects items.
  • Quality acrylic top, BLACK plastic base.
  • Also available in three packs!


  • single case
  • fits all sorts of minifigures like Dunny
  • interlocking sides
  • plenty of room for be@rbricks, qees, etc
  • stacking too!
  • make your own custom display
  • make your own custom display

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