Karoshi San : Blue Collar Edition


過労死 - Karoshi San *(literally: Mr. Death from Overwork) has had it pretty rough lately. Wake up, go to work, go home, sleep. Wake up, go to work, go home, sleep.. repeat for years. Sound familiar? Such is the toil of this dedicated worker, living for the company, dying for the company.

The Blue Collar edition is limited to only 150 pieces each with an individually numbered death certificate. Now get back to work!

  • Removable hat, briefcase that opens.
  • Limited edition 150pcs
  • Tiny Death Certificate inside briefcase!
  • 7¼" tall with hat.
  • Vinyl and ABS

Product is an adult collectible and not intended for children under the age of 15! Designed in New York by Andrew Bell, made in China, produced by Dyzplastic.

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