O-No Sushi vinyl set - D.I.Y. Blank


Do-It-Yourself Edition of The popular O-No sushi character! In solid white matte finish ready for painting or decorating. Includes full set of two eyes, a piece of sushi and a bowl of tentacles. Figure is approximately 3 ¼" tall

Some Customizing tips

  • Wash the figure lightly in soap and water before you paint to clean off any dirt or residue for better results!
  • Most permanant and acrylic-based paint makers will work well, but be sure to let them dry or they can smudge!
  • Avoid oil-based paint pens.
  • For best painting results, give the figure a light spray of primer before you go at it with your brushes!

Product is an adult collectible and not intended for children under the age of 15! Designed in New York by Andrew Bell, made in China, produced by Dyzplastic.

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