What is a blind box?

Sometimes also referred to as a "random box" or "mystery box", blind box means that you don’t know exactly what design is inside the box you get until you open it! You could end up with any one of a number of designs, it makes the whole thing a little more exciting. Some people strive to create complete sets, other people revel in their duplicates by creating “armies” of a single design.

Will I get every design if I order a case?

Not unless otherwise stated, but you will come close! Cases are randomly packed with designs in a specific ratio. Cases typically contain all but 2 or 3 of the total series including a few duplicates.

But I only need this ONE design to complete my set! Please sell it to me! Pleeeeaaaassseee!

Sorry we can’t sell a specific design, we don’t know what is in each box either! We suggest you try trading with some friends, try visiting some message boards to see what people have to offer.

Why are you doing this to me? This is a terrible business model! You are the worst.


No, really, why?


Can I return the one I got? I wanted a different one.

Sorry, you can’t return the figure if you don’t like the design you received. I’m sure you know someone else who would like it? Yay presents!