The sale is now over! Thank you for an incredible show of support with all of your purchases and donations, especially those of you who dove in early at the higher tiers. I can't wait to get to finishing up some lingering projects and starting in on some new ones. 

We're making our way through all the orders, plenty to ship! Thanks for your patience as we get everything out over the next week or so. The regular shop will return late April. In the meantime you can get in touch if need be, and if you're registered you can always access your account information, order history. The shop may occasionally be offline for updating and maintenance.

What? Why? Are you OK? You look thin, have you eaten?

I'm good, thanks for asking! 

We're moving the warehouse next month, so this is a great opportunity to dip into the archives to offer rare, sold out, previously unavailable or long gone items that we have accumulated over the years, while raising funds for the continued operation of the studio and fun new projects.

How does this work?

Dead Zebra, Inc Sample Sale Misc

This is a fundraiser so we're raising funds by.. selling things! However, we're doing it a little differently with a daily sliding scale sale. It'll go like this:

Days 1 & 2 : Everything is $100 each
Days 3 & 4 : Everything is $75 each
Days 5 & 6 : Everything is $50 each
Days 7 & 8 :  Everything is $25 each
Days 9 & 10 : Everything is $12 each

+ All orders over $200 total ship for FREE in the US.
(regular international shipping rates apply, duties payable by customer) 

Will that item you paid $100 for on Day 1 still be available by Day 10 for $12? Possibly! Consider what you are personally comfortable paying for that item, and factor in that you are simultaneously pledging support for the arts. Bam, you're a philanthropist!

Some items may be worth far more than their price that day, some may be worth less, we might even toss a few surprises up there now and then. It's up to you to decide when you want to jump in.

Due to limited resources and time there will be no combined orders over different days, no refunding of price drop differences, and all sales are considered final (Of course if your item arrives damaged we will refund it, but we won't be able to replace it!).


Sale starts March 20th, at 11am EDT (03:00 pm UTC)!

Shipping will be done in daily batches so we can't combine orders, sorry! Shipping may be delayed by several days due to volume.

What are you selling?


A little bit of everything... but a whole lot of Android Mini Collectible production samples, many never before available to the public.

What is a production sample you might ask? Good question. When we do a run of a new figure we have a small batch set aside for quality control, reference, and/or any final changes. 99% of the time these items are identical to the final production pieces, and there is nothing material to set them apart. While these items are technically new old stock, there may be a dinged box, scratched window, nick or mark here and there, but nothing too bad (unless explicitly noted in the listing).

Most of the Android samples listed will have an average of about 20 in stock, but some we only have 2-3 of. A low stock warning will appear when we're running low on a particular item. 

Where are the funds going?

We're an independent studio consisting of a whopping two people - I design and produce things here in Brooklyn, Melissa runs the warehouse in Massachusetts and ships many of those things! Here's what these funds will be going towards:

Equipment :  I still have a Windows VISTA laptop running some of very outdated hardware - time to update! Some funds will go towards updating studio equipment such as the laser cutter, photo light boxes, backdrops and printing hardware allowing me to get with the times, man.
Art Supplies : Art supplies are stupid expensive! Some funds will be used to buy paints, pens, sculpting tools and casting supplies.
Staff : Melissa has been working her butt off in the warehouse for many years, some of the sales will go directly to her cheese balls slush fund.
Events : I love meeting collectors, fans and friends at events around the country - these are often very expensive (and money-losing) endeavors to attend due to airfare, hotels and convention fees. Some funds will go towards allowing me to present at future events!
and most importantly..
New Projects! I've got plenty of ideas, but finding the funds and time to pursue them can be challenging. The main purpose of this sale is to support the production of fun new art, sculpture, collectible and print projects.

Future Project - Coffee Tester
( Preview of a new vinyl set I'm hoping to wrap production up on soon! )

Can you save XY or Z for me?

No, sorry! All sales are on a first come first serve basis. We can't hold or guarantee any items for you. An item is yours only once you've completed checkout - someone may finish checkout with the same item before you! See the Limited Edition Release FAQ for more info.

Additional comments or questions, get in touch here or hit me up on the socials!

Thanks in advance for your support!

-Andrew Bell